31st July 2023
a map of High Wycombe with a young lady with a red jacket looking through a magnifying glass

Where Is The Nearest IT Support Engineer In High Wycombe?

Today, where technology is an essential part of every business operation, IT support services are becoming increasingly important. As a result, local businesses in High Wycombe have […]
31st July 2023
a map of High Wycombe with a young lady looking through a magnifying glass

Where Is The Nearest IT Support Company In High Wycombe?

Today, IT support has become a critical component of every business. From managing network infrastructure to ensuring cybersecurity, IT support services play a pivotal role in […]
28th July 2023
tech-themed background with a girl showing how Power Limit Throttling works.

What is Power Limit Throttling and How to Prevent It in 2023?

Have you ever wondered why your computer performance drops significantly under heavy load? It might be because of a phenomenon known as Power Limit Throttling (PLT). […]
28th July 2023
Show a representation of a CPU or GPU to signify computer hardware. Picture of a woman looking at it scared.

Exploring the Relationship Between Overclocking and Thermal Throttling

Overclocking and thermal throttling are two concepts that are deeply interrelated, both playing critical roles in the realm of computer performance. On one hand, overclocking gives […]
28th July 2023
a gaming PC setup: A desktop PC or a gaming laptop with its key components like the CPU, GPU, and cooling system

How to Prevent Thermal Throttling in Gaming PCs

In the high-stakes world of gaming, a smooth-running PC is your best companion. One major factor that could hamper your winning streak is ‘thermal throttling.’ Are […]
27th July 2023
An image of a scale balancing a battery (or a power plug icon) and a computer chip or laptop could illustrate the concept of power management and the question of whether it's good or bad

Is Power Limit Throttling Bad?

Ever wondered about your computer’s performance and why it seems to slow down when pushed to its limits? Have you heard about power limit throttling and […]
27th July 2023
A detailed view of a circuit board with an overlay of a temperature symbol.

Thermal Throttling: Unmasking the Silent Performance Killer

Are you familiar with the concept of thermal throttling and its implications on your computer’s performance? Let’s break it down together. The Basics of Thermal Throttling […]
26th July 2023
Laptop keyboard on fire

The Impact of CPU and GPU Temperatures on Your PC’s Health

Feel like your gaming rig is acting sluggish, or are you hearing that fan whirring louder than ever?  There’s a good chance your processor or graphics […]
26th July 2023
An image of a computer technician with computer parts scattered and a clock or calendar in the background to signify time taken for repairs

How Long Do Computer Repairs Take?

Imagine the frustration that floods over you when your computer crashes just before a deadline. When it’s not possible to fix it yourself, the next question […]