26th July 2023
An image of a GPU chip with a downwards pointing arrow to symbolise the reduction in voltage.

Outperform the Rest: The Why and How of GPU Undervolting

Imagine you’re a racing driver, looking for that slight edge to shave a few seconds off your lap time. One method you might consider is reducing […]
26th July 2023
a woman's eye peeking at a VPN logo

Unmasking the Truth: Can Your VPN Provider Peek at Your Traffic?

With the rise of digitalisation, our lives have been significantly interwoven with the internet. From browsing favourite websites to shopping online and sharing personal updates on […]
25th July 2023
two pictures of a cooling fan and a liquid cooling fan

Cooling Solutions to Prevent Thermal Throttling: Air vs Liquid

You’ve invested a pretty penny into a shiny new PC, decked out with a high-performance processor, all set to conquer your gaming or professional needs. There’s […]
25th July 2023
a man working on a cpu unit

What is Overclocking a CPU?

Have you ever found your computer lagging during an intensive gaming session or when rendering high-quality video? Such sluggishness can be frustrating, especially when you have […]
25th July 2023
multiple devices connected to a VPN

Can You Use A Vpn On Top Of A Vpn?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become a cornerstone for secure and private internet use. They provide an encrypted tunnel for your data, protecting it from prying […]
24th July 2023
A bright green VPN icon with connections on a purple background

Cut the Ping, Not the Fun: Exploring VPNs’ Role in Reducing Latency

You’re in the heat of an intense online game. Your team is depending on you. Just as you’re about to make the crucial play, the dreaded […]
24th July 2023
A VPN shield with a red question mark and union jack flag

Are VPNs Legal in the UK? (Your Top Questions Answered)

Ever found yourself scratching your head over the legality of VPNs in the UK? You’re not alone. It’s a common question and one that’s surrounded by […]
24th July 2023
A woman on her phone with a white VPN logo

Does Using A VPN Incur Roaming Charges?

Ever found yourself scratching your head over those pesky roaming charges that seem to magically appear on your bill after a trip abroad? It’s a common […]
21st July 2023
A young woman who is shocked to see a smoking mobile phone

Thermal Throttling in Mobile Devices: Causes and Solutions

Ever had your mobile device heat up like a toaster and slow down like a snail, just when you needed it most? It can be frustrating […]