8th August 2023
A Network of Interconnected Devices with Warning Symbols

The Top 14 Cybersecurity Threats Facing Your Business Today

Today, there’s a silent storm brewing behind our computer screens. Think about it: We’ve integrated technology so deeply into our businesses that a single digital misstep […]
8th August 2023
A Person Behind a Computer Screen with a Privacy Screen

What is Online Privacy? And Why is it Important?

In an era where digital footprints are becoming increasingly prominent, the question, “Why is Online Privacy Important?” resonates with internet users, including web users and online […]
7th August 2023
An image of a VPN icon (like a shield or tunnel) combined with data symbols

Does Using A VPN Use More Data?

Are you considering using a VPN but are concerned about its impact on your data usage? This article is perfect for you, providing you a comprehensive […]
7th August 2023
a hand hol up a piece of paper with a fingerprint and big red cross

The Top 4 Ways to Send Email Without Being Traced

Today, the need for anonymity and personal data protection is a growing concern. Whether it’s for personal reasons or professional secrecy, the ability to send emails […]
7th August 2023
a man sitting at two monitors and using a laptop

9 Things A VPN Hides And Protects And What It Doesn’t

In the digital age, privacy and data security are paramount. Whether you’re streaming online media, playing video games, or conducting business online, the need to protect […]
4th August 2023
Does Undervolting Your GPU Decrease Performance

Does Undervolting Your GPU Decrease Performance in 2023?

Undervolting your GPU, you’ve probably heard of it, right? But, have you ever wondered, does undervolting a GPU decrease performance? If that’s what’s been bugging your […]
4th August 2023
An image of a GPU and a man scratching his head

What Does Undervolting A GPU Do in 2023?

Imagine you’re in the middle of an epic gaming session when, suddenly, your laptop heats up like a frying pan, or perhaps you’ve noticed your PC […]
4th August 2023
a woman looking at the blue screen of death on her desktop computer

What is BSOD: Blue Screen of Death (HOW TO PREVENT IT)

You’re right in the middle of a project, or perhaps you’re relaxing with your favourite game when suddenly your computer screen goes blue. Panic sets in […]
3rd August 2023
heat sink on circuit board

The Role of Heat Sinks in Reducing Thermal Throttling

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and, as such, the need for efficient cooling solutions becomes ever more vital.  Particularly in computers and other […]