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Ok - what's the first name of your companies Primary IT Contact?
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(Please list their First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone Number and Email Address on separate line items in the box below. If you ever need to remove any of these people, please just let us know. We will only accept changes to the Authorized Contact list from the Primary IT Contact)


Ok - great - next up we need to find out where to send Invoices to (so we can make sure our team gets paid so we can eat).
So, what's the first name of your Accounts Payable person?
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Great , thanks - we're nearly finished so hopefully you're enjoying your coffee (or green smoothie ). These next few questions are optional, however they help us tailor things to help us give you the best experience we can.

First up, if we could wave a magic wand and solve the 3 most frustrating things in your business with Technology, what would they be?
(no promises, but it might give us some ideas for where we can help you get the most impact)
If you've worked with an MSP / Outsourced IT Service Provider before, what did you love about working with them?
(E.g. Their engineers always answered the phone directly when we called)
And, on the flipside - what (if anything) frustrated you about working with them?
(E.g. They never answered the call and always took ages to call us back)
Is there anything else we should know that could help us deliver an exceptional service to you?
Finally - we hate legalese as much as anyone however it's a necessity in modern business world, so do you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

(If you have any questions on any of the legalese - please jump on a call with us and we can run through any questions with you)

Contact us for more information on 01494 623076

oski oski
oski oski
When our IT system was causing chaos, their team worked their magic, and now everything runs seamlessly. They've played a key role in improving our IT systems! Our team's happiness levels are through the roof. Grateful for their expertise and support!
Andrew Page
Andrew Page
Very helpful, friendly and affordable, quick turn around on what the issue was and how to prevent further issues. Definitely using them again
Antony Read
Antony Read
Amazing work James went above and beyond to repair a gaming pc for us complete strip down an correct diagnosis of corrupt board speedy repair an all up an running good as new , very helpful people with a great support team will keep your wheels turning whatever the problem , can’t recommend them enough
James was incredibly helpful and at short notice managed to quickly identify the cause of our PC issue and provide advice on how to resolve it. Well recommended.
Katie Lightfoot
Katie Lightfoot
Best IT service I have used for my business. James identified the issue and rectified it quickly and effectively. Whilst not bamboozling me with tech jargon. I would have no hesitation in recommending 76 Services for your IT needs.
Wendy Mason
Wendy Mason
Fantastic service! James at 76 Services Ltd was extremely helpful when my son's laptop suddenly stopped working. He was able to diagnose the problem and have it up and running again in no time. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company as they provided an efficient and professional computer repair service.
Vanessa Louise
Vanessa Louise
5 Stars ALL the way! James and his team at 76 Services Ltd are efficient, friendly, so accommodating and go the extra mile. I am new to your services BUT am super impressed and tell everyone how happy I am with your tech support in my growing business. Over and beyond in all you do... THANK YOU Vanessa ~ The 'naked' Coach
James is a fountain of knowledge and a thoroughly decent chap too. If you need any PC help, you can rely on 76 Services to assist you.
Daniel Middleton
Daniel Middleton
Great advice and very helpful..saved me lots of money on a TV repair.
Carolyn Ahara
Carolyn Ahara
76 Services are a fantastic firm, staffed by professionals who are on hand no matter how big or small the problem is. Nothing is too much trouble, I cannot recommend them highly enough.