Email Security

16th August 2023
Green electronic email background with one orange envelope/lightning bolt warning.

18 Email Safety Tips EVERY User Should Know

We’ve all been there, excitedly opening an email, only to find it’s a cunningly disguised attempt to relieve us of our private information. You might even […]
7th August 2023
a hand hol up a piece of paper with a fingerprint and big red cross

The Top 4 Ways to Send Email Without Being Traced

Today, the need for anonymity and personal data protection is a growing concern. Whether it’s for personal reasons or professional secrecy, the ability to send emails […]
7th March 2023
Gift Card Scam

Is that really an email from your Boss?

Updated: 8.8.23 Ever felt a nudge of unease upon receiving an unusual email from your boss? You are not alone. With cybercrime on the rise, impersonating authority […]