Nightingales Wealth Management


Nightingales Wealth Management overcame IT challenges with 76 Services. A Microsoft 365 audit saved 41%, and Microsoft Surface devices improved sync, efficiency, and staff satisfaction. Boost your business with Microsoft 365 solutions.


Nightingales Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm based in Beaconsfield. They offer a wide range of financial services including but not limited to, Mortgages, Independent Financial Advise, Protection Insurance and Investments.


The Challenge

Nightingales Wealth Management approached 76 Services for some help after they were facing issues caused by a not so pro-active IT Support company. The main cause of their issues was that all staff had at least 3 different devices that they had to work from, a desktop at the office, a desktop at home and a laptop for travelling. None of these were syncing and the staff were losing time manually copying data between each device. On top of this, their Microsoft 365 licensing was all over the place and nobody in the business was aware of what they were paying for and where it was being used.


The Solution

76 Services came in and provided a full audit on the Microsoft 365 licensing, which resulted in a saving of 41% on their yearly costs. 76 Services also implemented Microsoft Surface devices with docking stations to ensure that all staff had 1 device that they could user wherever they were and that all data was always in sync and available when they needed it.


Business Benefits

  1. A 41% saving on their Microsoft Licensing every year moving forward.
  2. More product staff, ensuring that the business was not missing out on potential business due to a lack of access.
  3. More happy staff, all the staff commented that their stress levels had been reduced due to the more streamlined technology.